Thrilling Magic Props for Kids on a Budget

Imagine the look of wonder on a child's face as they make a coin disappear or read someone's mind.

With these thrilling magic props for kids on a budget, you can turn their imaginations into reality.

From card tricks to rope and string tricks, there is something for every aspiring magician.

With beginner's magic kits and mind-reading props, your child can become the star of their very own magic show.

Let the magic begin!

Card Tricks Props

If you want to amaze and entertain kids with card tricks, you'll need some essential props.

Sleight of hand props are a must-have for any aspiring magician. These props allow you to perform incredible tricks right before their eyes.

A deck of cards is the most important prop for card tricks. Make sure to choose a high-quality deck that's easy to handle and manipulate.

Another essential prop is a card mat or close-up pad. This will provide a smooth surface for your tricks and help prevent cards from sliding around.

Disappearing object props, such as the classic magic wand or a coin vanish device, are also great additions to your repertoire. These props add an extra element of surprise and wonder to your card tricks.

With these essential props, you'll be able to captivate and amaze kids with your card magic skills.

Coin Magic Props

To continue your magical journey, let's delve into the world of coin magic props. Coins are versatile objects that can be easily manipulated to create mind-blowing illusions. Here are four essential coin magic props that will amaze your audience:

  1. Coin Shell: A coin shell is a hollow replica of a coin that can be slipped over a regular coin. This prop allows you to perform incredible sleight of hand techniques, like the coin vanish and the coin transposition.
  2. Expanded Shell: Similar to the coin shell, an expanded shell is a coin with a removable center. This prop enables you to perform even more astonishing coin vanish techniques, where the coin seems to disappear completely.
  3. Coin Gimmicks: These are specially designed coins with secret mechanisms that allow for extraordinary effects. Examples include the coin bite gimmick or the coin through glass table gimmick.
  4. Coin Holder: A coin holder is a small device that conceals a coin, allowing for smooth and seamless vanishes and productions.
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With these coin magic props, you'll be able to perform mind-boggling tricks and leave your audience in awe of your sleight of hand skills. So, grab your coins and let the magic begin!

Rope and String Tricks Props

For rope and string tricks, you'll need a few essential props. Knot wizardry and string manipulation are the key skills you'll be showcasing. To make your performances even more impressive, here are some props you can use:

Magician's RopeA special rope that can be cut and restored
Thumb TipA small device hidden in your thumb for vanishing and producing rope
Miniature RingsRings that can link and unlink magically
Chinese SticksTwo sticks connected by a string, creating a baffling illusion
String CutterA device that can cut a string and instantly restore it

With these props, you can create captivating routines that will leave your audience in awe. Get ready to dazzle them with your knot wizardry and string manipulation skills!

Beginner's Magic Kits

Now let's explore the next step in your magical journey with beginner's magic kits that build upon the rope and string tricks we just discussed. These kits are designed to introduce young children to the world of magic in a simple and fun way.

Here are four magic tricks that you can learn with a beginner's magic kit:

  1. Card Tricks: Learn how to amaze your friends and family by making cards disappear, reappear, or change in an instant. With a beginner's magic kit, you'll have everything you need to start performing impressive card magic.
  2. Coin Tricks: Master the art of making coins vanish, multiply, or even pass through solid objects. These tricks are perfect for young children and can be easily learned with a beginner's magic kit.
  3. Levitation Tricks: Imagine being able to make objects float in mid-air. With a beginner's magic kit, you can learn how to perform simple levitation tricks that will leave your audience in awe.
  4. Mind Reading Tricks: Read your friends' minds and predict their thoughts with mind reading tricks. Beginner's magic kits often include props and instructions for easy mind reading tricks that will make you seem like a true magician.
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With a beginner's magic kit, you'll have everything you need to start performing simple magic tricks that will amaze and entertain. So, get ready to dazzle your friends and family with your newfound magical skills!

Mind-Reading Props

Discover an exciting array of mind-reading props that will captivate young magicians on a budget. These telepathic illusions and psychic prediction tools will amaze and astound both the performer and their audience. With these props, kids can delve into the mysterious world of mind-reading and leave their spectators in awe. Take a look at the table below to find the perfect mind-reading prop for your young magician:

Telepathy CardsPredict the chosen card using telepathy powers$10
Crystal BallReveal secret thoughts with a mystical touch$15
Mental DiceGuess the number rolled in the mind$12
Mind-Reading BookDiscover a word chosen from a random page$20
Magic Mind-Reading HatRead the audience's mind with this enchanted hat$18

These mind-reading props offer endless possibilities for young magicians to perform mind-boggling tricks while staying within a budget. Get ready to witness the wonder and excitement these props bring to your child's magical performances.


So, if you're looking for thrilling magic props for kids on a budget, there are plenty of options to choose from. Whether it's card tricks, coin magic, rope and string tricks, or even a beginner's magic kit, there's something for every young magician.

Don't underestimate the power of mind-reading props either, as they can add an extra level of excitement to any performance.

With these affordable props, your child can amaze and entertain their friends and family while honing their magical skills.

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Get ready for some spellbinding fun!