Katie Peach Girl Full Body Ventriloquist Puppet Review

Today, I want to share my thoughts on the product Katie, Peach Girl, Full Body, Ventriloquist Style Puppet, (25 Inches). As someone who has experience with this puppet, I believe I can provide you with an honest assessment. So, let’s get started!

Pros and Cons

What We Liked

  1. High quality: The Katie puppet is exceptionally well-made, with attention to detail and durable materials.
  2. Easy to manipulate: The mouth is easy to move, allowing for seamless control and realistic performances.
  3. Arm control rod: With the inclusion of an arm control rod, you can easily enhance the puppet’s movements and expressions.
  4. Adjustable height: Standing at 25 inches tall, this puppet is an ideal size for both adults and children to operate.
  5. Versatile clothing: You can dress up Katie in child-sized 18 month clothes, allowing for creative play and endless outfit options.

What Can Be Improved

  1. Floppiness: Some users have mentioned that the puppet feels a bit floppy, which can hinder precise movements.
  2. Price: A few customers felt that the puppet was overpriced for what it offers, considering the floppy nature mentioned above.

Quick Verdict

Overall, the Katie, Peach Girl, Full Body, Ventriloquist Style Puppet is a high-quality and entertaining toy. With easy mouth manipulation, a convenient arm control rod, and the option to dress her up, this puppet offers endless fun for both children and adults. However, it’s important to note that the price may be a drawback for some, especially considering the slight floppiness of the puppet. If you’re looking for a unique and well-crafted puppet, then Katie is definitely worth considering!

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You can find the product here.

Unboxing – What’s Inside?

I recently purchased the Katie, Peach Girl, Full Body, Ventriloquist Style Puppet from Amazon. Being a huge fan of ventriloquism and puppetry, I was excited to add this puppet to my collection. The delivery was fast and efficient, taking only a few days to arrive at my doorstep in the USA.

When I eagerly opened the box, I found the puppet neatly packed inside. The box was surprisingly empty apart from the main attraction – Katie, the Peach Girl puppet. She was wrapped in a protective plastic covering to ensure she arrived in perfect condition.


The Katie, Peach Girl, Full Body, Ventriloquist Style Puppet is a product by Silly Puppets. It is made of metal and has a size of 25 inches. The brand, Silly Puppets, is well-known for their high-quality puppets. The manufacturer, Silly Puppets, has not discontinued this item. The puppet weighs approximately 1 pound and has dimensions of 1 x 1 x 1 inches.

Documentation/ User Guide

The puppet did not come with a user guide or documentation. As a ventriloquist enthusiast, I was already familiar with the basics of how to manipulate and use a puppet, so I didn’t find this to be a significant issue. However, for those who are new to ventriloquism or puppetry, a user guide would have been a helpful addition. You can find more detailed instructions and tips on operating and caring for the puppet by visiting the Silly Puppets website.

You can find the product here.

Features – What We Found

High quality full body ventriloquist style puppet

The Katie, Peach Girl puppet is made with high quality materials, ensuring its durability and longevity. The puppet is designed in a full body ventriloquist style, allowing for more realistic and engaging performances. The attention to detail in the craftsmanship of this puppet is evident, making it a top choice for professional ventriloquists.

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Easy to move mouth and hand entry through the back

The puppet features an easy to move mouth, allowing for smooth and realistic lip movements during performances. This enhances the overall performance experience, making it more enjoyable for both the ventriloquist and the audience. Additionally, the puppet has hand entry through the back, providing better control and manipulation of the puppet’s movements.

Includes 1 arm control rod for hand movement

The Katie, Peach Girl puppet comes with a convenient arm control rod that can be clipped to either hand. This allows the ventriloquist to easily control the movements of the puppet’s hands, adding a higher level of realism to the performance. The arm control rod offers precise and smooth hand gestures, making the puppet appear more lifelike.

Height of approximately 25 inches and lightweight design

This puppet stands at a height of about 25 inches, making it suitable for various performance settings. Its lightweight design, weighing just over 1 pound, ensures ease of handling and maneuverability during performances. The puppet can be easily carried and manipulated, providing a comfortable and enjoyable experience for the ventriloquist.

Puppet can be re-dressed in child size 18 month clothes

The Katie, Peach Girl puppet offers the versatility of being able to be re-dressed in child size 18 month clothes. This allows for customization and personalization of the puppet’s appearance, enabling ventriloquists to match the puppet’s attire to the theme or storyline of their performances. This feature adds an extra layer of creativity and uniqueness to the puppet.

Review and Scores

Our Score: 95.0

I recently purchased the Katie, Peach Girl, Full Body, Ventriloquist Style Puppet and I must say it has exceeded my expectations. This puppet is made with high-quality materials by Silly Puppets, and the attention to detail is impressive. I really appreciate the easy-to-move mouth feature and the hand entry through the back of the puppet, which allows for smooth and seamless control during performances.

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What sets this puppet apart is the included arm control rod that can be clipped to either hand for movement. It adds another level of interaction and makes the puppet even more expressive. The height of the puppet is perfect at 25 inches, and its lightweight design makes it easy to handle and maneuver. Additionally, I love that I can dress this puppet in child size 18 month clothes, allowing for endless customization.

If you’re looking to surprise a loved one or entertain children, this puppet is the perfect choice. Not only is it well-made and durable, but it also brings immense joy and laughter. I gave this puppet as a gift to my granddaughter, and we have had countless hours of fun together. Whether you’re a ventriloquist or simply looking for a unique and entertaining toy, I highly recommend the Katie, Peach Girl, Full Body, Ventriloquist Style Puppet. You can find it here.