Review: 25 Robot Puppet – Full Body Ventriloquist Style

Today I want to talk about the 25 Robot, Full Body, Ventriloquist Style Puppet. As a puppet enthusiast, I had to try this one out and see what it had to offer. So, let me share my thoughts with you!

Robot Puppet

Pros and Cons

What We Liked

  • High quality full body ventriloquist style puppet made by Silly Puppets. The craftsmanship is top-notch and it feels sturdy in your hands.
  • The easy-to-move mouth is a major plus. It allows for smooth and realistic movements, making the puppet come to life effortlessly.
  • The inclusion of 1 arm control rod that can be clipped to either hand for movement adds an extra layer of control and versatility to the puppet.
  • Standing at about 25 inches tall and weighing just over 1 pound, this puppet is lightweight and easy to handle. It’s perfect for both kids and adults.
  • The positive reviews from other customers speak volumes about this puppet’s appeal and quality. It’s clear that it has brought joy and entertainment to many families.

What Can Be Improved

  • While the puppet’s size is suitable for most users, some individuals with smaller hands might find it a bit challenging to handle.
  • It would be great if the puppet came with an additional accessory or prop to enhance the playtime experience.

Quick Verdict

Overall, the 25 Robot, Full Body, Ventriloquist Style Puppet is a fantastic addition to any puppet collection. Its high-quality construction, easy mouth movement, and included arm control rod make it a joy to operate. The positive reviews from customers are a testament to its appeal and durability. If you’re looking for a puppet that can provide hours of fun and entertainment, this is definitely a great choice. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to bring smiles to your loved ones’ faces! You can find it here.

Unboxing – What’s Inside?

As a ventriloquist performer based in the USA, I recently purchased the 25 Robot, Full Body, Ventriloquist Style Puppet from Amazon. The delivery was quite fast, and I received the product within a week after placing the order.

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Upon unboxing, I discovered that the box was empty. However, the puppet itself was securely wrapped and protected within the box. The absence of any additional accessories or items was not a concern for me as I primarily wanted the puppet itself.


The 25 Robot, Full Body, Ventriloquist Style Puppet is manufactured by Silly Puppets, a renowned brand in the industry. The puppet is made of high-quality metal material, giving it a sturdy and durable feel. It weighs approximately 1 pound and has a size of 25 inches. The package dimensions are 15.25 x 8 x 6.25 inches.

Considering the customer reviews, it has received an outstanding rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars from a total of 183 ratings. This speaks volumes about its excellent quality and customer satisfaction.


The box did not include a specific user guide or documentation for the puppet. However, as a ventriloquist performer with prior experience, I found the lack of a user guide to be insignificant. The puppet itself is straightforward to handle and operate.

If you’re new to ventriloquism or need guidance, Silly Puppets offers a comprehensive user guide on their official website. You can access it through this link. The user guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to manipulate the puppet effectively and enhance your performance.

Features – What We Found

High-Quality Full Body Puppet

The 25 Robot, Full Body, Ventriloquist Style Puppet is crafted with high-quality materials by Silly Puppets. The puppet is meticulously made to ensure durability and longevity, allowing for countless hours of entertainment and play.

This full-body puppet showcases intricate details and thoughtful design, making it visually appealing and engaging for both children and adults. The high-quality construction ensures that the puppet can withstand regular use without losing its charm.

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Pro-Tip: To maintain the puppet’s quality, it is recommended to store it in a cool and dry place when not in use.

Easy-to-Move Mouth and Hand Entry

The puppet features an easy-to-move mouth, enabling users to create a range of facial expressions and bring the character to life. With a simple hand movement, the puppeteer can make the mouth open, close, and articulate various expressions effortlessly.

Hand entry is conveniently available through the back of the puppet. This design allows for seamless control and manipulation, providing a comfortable experience for puppeteers.

Pro-Tip: Before performing with the puppet, it is beneficial to practice different mouth movements and gestures to enhance the puppet’s expressiveness.

Includes Arm Control Rod

To enhance the puppet’s movements, the 25 Robot puppet comes with an arm control rod. This rod can be clipped to either hand of the puppet, allowing for precise control and manipulation of the arms and hands.

The arm control rod is a valuable tool in creating dynamic and realistic movements, such as waving, gesturing, or pointing. It adds an extra dimension to the puppet performance and enables puppeteers to bring their character to life with greater ease.

Pro-Tip: Experiment with different arm movements and gestures to make the puppet’s performance more engaging and captivating.

Height and Weight

Standing at approximately 25 inches tall, the puppet is an ideal size for both children and adults to operate comfortably. Its height allows for greater visibility during performances and enhances the puppet’s presence on stage or during play.

Despite its size, the 25 Robot puppet is lightweight, weighing just over 1 pound. This lightweight construction makes it effortless to handle, enabling puppeteers to control the puppet smoothly and with ease.

Pro-Tip: When performing with the puppet, ensure that the puppet’s feet are properly supported to maintain balance and stability.

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Authentic Ventriloquist Style

The 25 Robot puppet embodies the art and tradition of ventriloquist-style puppets. It adheres to the classic design aesthetics, including a movable mouth and a hand entry feature, ensuring an authentic and traditional puppeteering experience.

By embracing the ventriloquist style, this puppet encourages imaginative play and creative storytelling. It enables aspiring puppeteers to develop their skills and captivate audiences with engaging performances.

Pro-Tip: Take advantage of the ventriloquist style by practicing different character voices and accents to enhance the puppet’s personality.

Our Review and More

Our Score: 95.0

I recently purchased the 25 Robot, Full Body, Ventriloquist Style Puppet for my grandson’s birthday, and I must say that it has been a great hit! The size and quality of the puppet is impressive. It is well-made and feels sturdy. The attention to detail is superb, and the overall design is visually appealing.

What sets this puppet apart is its easy-to-use mouth movement. The mouth can be easily controlled, allowing for realistic and expressive performances. It also features a convenient hand entry through the back, making it easy to handle and operate.

Not only is this puppet fun to play with, but it also stimulates creativity and imagination. My grandson has been spending hours playing and creating stories with this puppet. It is lightweight, which makes it easy to handle, and the included arm control rod adds even more versatility to its movements.

If you have a child who loves ventriloquism or simply enjoys playing with puppets, I highly recommend getting this 25 Robot, Full Body, Ventriloquist Style Puppet. It is a high-quality product that offers endless hours of entertainment and creativity. You can purchase it here on Amazon and join the many satisfied customers who have rated it 4.8 out of 5 stars.